A little bit bored...

Good god, it's boring here. No job. Everyone away on holiday. Just me alone in a big flat, in a big city (could quote the big big girl Emilia here. But wont...)
This weekend have been all about watching the hours go by, trying to fill them with something meaningful to do. I go for a walk everyday, getting a break from the ever so boring job search.
Saw J yesterday evening. Hard to believe it's been a whole year since last. He makes me want new glasses.

I am listening to these songs turning the volume up up up, trying to drown the loud music from outside.

I am drinking a lot of water and watching a lot of Tour de France. (wondering whether one should marry a rider? Or if it would be an endless battle with a man who will always be thinner and more tanned than you. Not to forget the shaving of legs part.)

The most exciting part of my days is planning what I am having for dinner.


  1. Anonymous18/7/11 21:39

    Hello; I kind of wish I could change place with your for a day or two; unfortunately I can no longer remember being bored... I don't think Tour de France would have helped me much, but I guess it's quite meditative :)

  2. Hi Lilli. So glad you stopped by! Try turning on Le Tour, and listen to it in the background :) I (almost) promise it will get your mind of things. Works for me at least. Suddenly the most important thing is who crosses the line when. Simple!