Up and away

I am on my way to Spain. Bikini, sunglasses, books: check! And suitcase packed with dresses in overload. Been so long since I last saw my summer clothes, so couldn't control myself during packing. (I have narrowed 7 pairs of shoes down to 4, though..)

Have a lovely Easter!



In six days you can find me on a beach in Spain. Countdown began two months ago.


Birthday party

Kissing at my birthday party, which I forgot to write about. It was a good night, with the best people I know.



Imagine my face when finding that balloon on my way home, many nights ago!

For the last couple of weeks time passed while I
- shared precious days with my girls.
- talked to J about life, his future and my present.
- learned how to play guitar.
- enjoyed spring, and watched it disappear, over and over again.
- got an iPhone (hello new world)
- missed mum.
- bought too many pairs of shoes.
- didn't exactly wore down my running shoes.
- made a mess of myself (and had best friends put me back together again)


Being absent..

... means forgetting to photograph the cakes you baked.


On ironing

I love to iron. I can easily spend 1-2 hours ironing. Sometimes I even iron the same thing twice, just to watch it get even smoother.
(And I secretly wish for one of those sleeve ironing boards...)