Yesterday it was my birthday. Woke up at the regular 6 o'clock, and found my three roomies in the kitchen, shouting out a birthday song, next to the biggest morning table I have ever seen. Was so surprised, happy and overwhelmed that I started crying, and walked to my room again. They had all been up since 5, to get ready, bake bread and decorate. One of the sweetest things ever been done to me.
Later I had my favorite couple over for 'lagkage' and tea.

In the midst of all of this, I am trying to forget that 23 is such a bad number. 2+3 = 5. I am an uneven number. For a whole year!!


  1. Happy birthday and that cake looks delicious!!
    Hope your day (and year) its truely wonderful!

  2. Kæmpe tillykke med dagen. Håber den var god. Det ser sådan ud :)
    Hvor er det sejt, at man kan (og må) tegne på bordet.

  3. Hurra hurra ... lidt sent, men stadig Hurra for dig!
    Pæn kage og sejt bord! HÅber du havde den mest vidunderlige dag!

  4. Thank you Lizeylou! (the cake was indeed very good..)

    Tak søde damer. Min dag var dejlig. Jeg håber I får en dejlig weekend.