Rainy Copenhagen

Since Sunday I have:
- been shopping cheap groceries.
- baked blueberry muffins.
- applied for jobs (crossed fingers).
- almost gotten a part time job.
- watched movies in bed with L.
- been rained on (thank you, summer...)
- been in doubt concerning my educational future.
- celebrated that G handed in her master thesis and got a 'real' job. Cocktails, chocolate cake (for me) and shopping.


  1. Anonymous28/7/11 22:11

    nr. 6 & nr. 7 = ditto!!

  2. Uhmn for the muffins - and that water melon looks so yummy too.... Sounds like a great week :)

  3. Krydser fingre for ansøgningerne :)

  4. Pernille: jeg håber du er blivet tør. Jeg håber du kan skubbe tvivlen til side, og være sikker, snart.

    Marian: Yeeeeesss, muffins og vandmelon ER det allermest yummie' :)

    Malene: TAK! Jeg har brug for det.

    God weekend til jer alle tre damer :)